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Technical Drawing - Engineering Drawing 2:24 AM

A collection of useful web resources on technical drawing and illustration, technical drawing lessons and reference material.(Please click link below)

Engineering Drawing Basics from BlueprintBasic information and Tips on Engineering Drawing, line styles, types of dimensioning including dimensioning circles, holes and Radii, tolerancing, and layout of Engineering Drawing.

Technical Drawing for TheatreExtensive examples of technical drawings for theatre - this page has some really useful material, plus browse its links to find more great stuff on technical drawing for the theatre.

American Design Drafting AssociationThe American Design Drafting Association is a professional organisation that runs various support programs, professional certification and employment programs for designers, drafters, architects and technical artists.

CAD 101 Course Notes from University of PlymouthDownloadable PDF course files from Plymouth University's School of Engineering. These extensive notes on Computer Aided Design are comprehensive and well written. Includes an excellent AutoCad tutorial with screenshots.

Engineering Drawing and SketchingThe bare basics of isometric and orthographic drawing, sectioning, dimensioning, explaining some basic approaches to engineering drawing, essentail terminology, with examples. A good '101' overview.


Baik. bagi perkara pertama yang perlu diambil berat oleh setiap pelajar yang mengambil subjek Lukisan Kejuruteraan (LK) adalah pensil yang digunakan.
Kebanyakan pelajar tidak begitu mengambil berat perkara ini. Sebenarnya didalam LK , ketepatan dan kebersihan kerja memainkan peranan yang paling penting. Sehubungan itu pensil adalah perkara yang paling penting.

Bagaimana ingin memilih pensil yang terbaik untuk LK?

Pensil yang sering digunakan oleh para pelajar adalah pensil disekitar harga RM 3.00 - RM 6.00 dan jika kita perhatikan tertera tulisan kod 0.5mm (saiz mata pensil). Bagi pelajar yang pertama kali memulakan lukisan bagi subjek LK ,saiz 0.5mm akan menjadi malapetaka yang amat besar ditambah pula dengan gred mata pensil adalah 2B. Maksud malapetaka yang amat besar tersebut adalah lukisan tidak tepat, kotor, tidak kemas , dan langsung tidak segak.

Pensil macam manakah yang terbaik?

Pelajar digalakkan mendapatkan pensil bergred 0.3mm atau 0.35mm dengan gred mata pensil HB. Gred dan saiz ini adalah yang terbaik dalam membentuk satu jawapan yang tepat, bersih dan sangat segak. Selalunya pensil bergred 0.3mm ini tidak akan diletakkan di rak pensil biasa dipasar raya atau pun kedai buku. Pensil ini selalunya diletakkan didalam rak bercermi bersama pen - pen yang mahal. Kenapa begitu? Ini kerana pensil ini sangat penting dan bukan pensil untuk kerja biasa dan dimaklumkan LK bukanlah subjek yang biasa. Di anggarkan beharga sekitar RM 9.00 - RM 30.00 dan mungki lebih.

Sehubungan itu, kepada pelajar yang mensasarkan sekurang kurangnya A1 didalam subjek LK , diwajibkan membeli pensil ini. Antara jenis yang digalakkan adalah PENTEL, ZEBRA, STEADLER dan yang seangkatan dengannya.

Ingat untuk menjadi yang terbaik , disamping usaha yang terbaik, peralatan terutamanya pensil perlulah yang luar biasa dan bergred 0.3mm HB. Ingat HB bukan gred yang lain. Kepada semua bekas dan pelajar Cikgu Khairi, teruskan perjuangan HB 0.3mm and make me proud. Good Luck and All da best.

by: EK.

Lukisan kejuruteraan = engineering drawing... by ek. 8:05 PM

Assalamuaalaikum dan selamat datang
Kepada semua pengunjung blog ini diharap memberikan sokongan kepada saya untuk terus memajukan blog ini yang memfokuskan kepada
Blog ini akan cuba memberikan seberapa banyak latihan, soalan, soalan percubaan, tips dan sebagainya berkaitan dengan LK.
Jadi sokongan daripada para pengunjung amat lah dialu alukan.
Editor_Cikgu Khairi STEP

American Muscle Car Drawings 1:15 AM

Eventhough I am from Europe I cannot help but loving the good old muscle cars! I started drawing a few muscle cars a couple of years ago and I love the challenge this drawings gives me! Getting a muscle car drawing right is not always very easy though.

One thing that I often have a hard time while drawing muscle cars is to get the proportions right. These classic car shapes are quite complicated to get right as you might have experienced from drawing them yourself. After many screwed up muscle car sketches I am finally getting the hang of it. My advise is to just focus on the general lines of the shape. And then just try sketching them, and don’t be afraid of redoing it until you are satisfied.

Doing Camaro drawings is always fun, they are quite challenging because of the shape, but the final result is usally worth the extra work put into them. I also enjoy doing Mustang drawings, it is something about the older ones that really scream ”drive me”! To make a good Mustang sketches usually takes me around 5-10 hours to get them to the level Im happy with. While just to sketch the general shape of a mustang shouldn’t take longer than 1-2 hours. Another car I enjoy to draw is Firebirds, they look so aggressive and to get that rawness into the drawing is very challenging but fun!

My best advise on how to improve your car drawings is simply to spend more time on them. For example if you are not fully satisfied with the front lights, don’t just continue with the drawing and hoping that the lights will get better by some magical touch! No, look at the lights and don’t give up on them until you are fully satisfied with them, then move on to the next part of the car drawing.

If you love Muscle Cars you should get your favorite pencil and sit down with a clean sheet of paper and just relax and start sketching your favorite muscle car. Don’t give up to quickly, just focus on the general shape of the outward lines of the car and you will soon see how the sketch is becoming better. Remember patience is the key to success when drawing a muscle car.

Lukas Niklasson is the associated editor to the website It is a website that focus on car drawings of all sorts. It get updated regurarly with new drawings and interesting information regarding car artwork.

Choices Abound with Engineering Careers 7:42 PM

Do you want an engineering career? Many people choose engineering as a career they would like to get into, but then there is the dilemma of exactly which engineering path to take as there are countless choices in this exciting and dynamic field.The basic outline of what an engineer does involves the design and manufacture of machines, systems, structures and processes. Engineering involves mathematics, science and creative thinking. Engineers thus must be exceptionally intelligent and have knowledge of the field that they are aiming to immerse themselves in.
Some engineers create brand new products worth hundreds of millions of dollars and as such can earn considerable amounts of money. Particular skill sets can also be in demand worldwide where there is often a shortage of engineers experienced in particular project types. Science and mathematics are fields that engineers most strictly focus on in their years of study. Technical drawing is also another major focus.
Many engineers travel throughout the world as there is work in many developing countries and places like Dubai who are constantly erecting new, unique buildings and hotels. The potential to earn extra money overseas is huge and lures many engineers out of their home country. It has been said that there is a lack of skilled engineers worldwide and salaries certainly indicate this, with highly experienced engineers commanding hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
There are so many different engineering career paths that you can choose, it can easily become bewildering deciding which way to go. The first thing you should do is discover your interests and research various engineering roles and their salaries.
Engineers are often thought of as inventors as they are the people who design structures, although they also work with architects in most cases. Engineers are the people to make it happen and must take into account many factors such as budget, safety and available materials. This can be extremely challenging and some engineering jobs can take 10 years or more to complete. Engineers thus must have patience and determination to see out an entire project from start to finish.
To gain experience as an engineer most people work in their desired field for some time in a lower position. If you have access to engineers, consider talking to them and volunteering your time to help out in order to gain exposure and experience that will benefit your own career.

welcome to SPM ENGINEERING STUDIES blog 6:29 PM

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